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Nathalie Grace,

Based in the UK

Nathalie Grace is an award winning cinematographer with a passion for working on natural history programming, political films that lobby for social and environmental legislative change and specialist factual films with a social purpose drive.

Nathalie is a skilled film maker who is highly ambitious and focused on the completion of each production to its full potential. She has worked on 4 different continents for productions that have taken her high into the sky, following the Royal Flying Doctors service in Australia and deep underwater filming WWI shipwrecks. She has worked on productions for Discovery, National Geographic, Channel 5, Amazon as well as theatrical release.


2022 - Shooting AP. 'Secrets of the Elephants' NAT GEO/DISNEY+
2021 - AP/Camera Assistant. 'Super/Natural' NAT GEO/DISNEY+

2021 - Camera Op. 'London Philharmonic Orchestra' LIVE BROADCAST
2021 - Camera Op. 'No Ordinary Opera' SKY ARTS

2021 - Focus Puller/Camera Assist. 'God's Petting You'.
2020 - Shooting PD. 'Santa School' CHANNEL 5

2019 - Camera Assist. 'The Kindred'. AMP
2014 - Shooting AP. 'Coco's 1914' AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT

2013 - Shooting AP. 'Royal Flying Doctors Service'
2013 - DOP. 'Home for Christmas' AMAZON PRIME


2022 - Superhawk & Horizon Thermal Camera training at Leonardo

2022 - GVC and A2 CofC Drone qualification

2021 - Remote First Aid at First Safety Option

2021 - Level 3 Zoology Diploma at Oxford College

2021 - RED training at REDUCATION

2021 - Coronavirus basic awareness on production training at Screen Skills

2021 - Unconscious bias: basic awareness in the workplace at Screen Skills

2009 - PADI Dive Master qualification

2008 - Lighting for HD and Film at NFTS

2008 - EP Scheduling at NFTS


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